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What We Do

Hot Offers

10% discount on fixed carpet cleaning (by order from €250)
Cleaning of fixed carpets both private and commercial. Fleas removal on solid carpets both private and commercial. Would you like more information about our services or products? Please contact us or request a free quote.


Eco-Flex has been focusing on cleaning with an ecological and ergonomic touch for 20 years.We do everything necessary to clean all surfaces, regardless of size, surface and at any time of the day.Our staff is trained to be able to accomplish all tasks professionally and to respect your space and privacy.

Industrial cleaning

  • schoonmaak van magazijns
  • schoonmaak van garage’s
  • schoonmaak van industrieterreinen en werkplaatsen
  • schoonmaak van food en non-food plaatsen (onder BRC norm)

carpet cleaning

  • cleaning of fixed carpets both private and commercial
  • fleas removal on solid carpets both private and commercial

home cleaning

  • cleaning of houses (no service checks)
  • cleaning of house before or after moving house
  • thorough cleaning kitchens or bathrooms

commercial cleaning

  • cleaning of offices
  • cleaning of schools
  • cleaning of hospitals and doctor's practices

Our customers